Two thieves wrapped themselves in tin foil and crawled along the bank floor in an attempt to fool the bank’s alarm system. The plan worked— and although a suspected accomplice was arrested, the pair escaped and are still on the run.


Police are searching for the Tin Men and have issued CCTV images in a bid to identify the thieves. Armed police were dispatched to the branch of Banco do Brasil when the odd disguises were picked up on CCTV. 


The pair left several items at the scene in their hurry to get away, including blowtorches believed to have been used to force open a safe –but the tin foil was nowhere to be found.

A local police spokesman said: “They wanted to make sure the alarms didn’t detect their presence by using the tin foil, but staff at the bank’s CCTV control HQ saw them moving around and alerted police. We searched the area and stopped people near the bank and found a suspect who was hiding in bushes and had a police record that we took in for questioning.”


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