Kevin Manion of Wisconsin replaced family photos around his house with pictures of Steve Buscemi. In a viral tweet, his sister shared the photos and said their mother still hasn’t noticed.


Manion said he started cooking up the idea over dinner with his sister. “If you’re not expecting to see [Steve Buscemi’s] face, it’ll catch you off guard,” Kevin joked. “I like him as an actor, but he has a very distinct face.” Manion’s father caught the prank after two days but promised that “his lips were sealed”. Manion tells ABC News: “Dad pulled me aside one day and was like, ‘Alright Kevin, why is there a picture of Steve Buscemi replacing your senior photos?’” 


“After you get four pictures, I’m going share this on Twitter. I think this will go viral,”  Manion recalls his sister saying. Claire tweeted that their mother still hadn’t noticed, shared the progress,  and the rest was history. The internet has jumped on board and Claire’s original post has gotten over 33,000 retweets.

Their mother finally noticed the picture prank and Manion said that both parents loved it. Buscemi may not be hanging in their home anymore, but the family is blown away by how much attention the prank got on Twitter. 

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