A raven was caught taking a parking ticket off the windshield of a car in downtown Yellowknife. It’s unclear whether the raven was disputing the ticket or if he was just hungry.


“I watched the little monster take the ticket right out from under the windshield wiper and shred it. I’m  pretty sure he ate some of it,” said Annemieke Mulders in an email to CBC news. Dennis Marchiori, the city’s director of public safety, jokes, “We’ve never heard the excuse a raven ate my parking ticket!”


Once a ticket is placed on a car, it’s the owner’s responsibility to pay the fine. The owner has 10 days to pay the 25$ ticket- that’s the early bird pricing. After 10 days, the fine soars to 50$. It’s unknown whether the car’s owner is aware of the ticket, however, if the early-bird deadline is missed, appealing the ticket in traffic court is always an option.

Ravens in Yellowknife have been blamed for more than just stealing parking tickets; they’ve also been accused of causing power outages by landing on local power lines.

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