Jackson, Mississippi, resident Eddie Prosser was tired of the unfixed pothole that had graced his neighborhood for a year. So, he got the city’s attention by throwing it a birthday party!


The birthday party featured featuring a festive birthday balloon, as well as a giant birthday card reading “Happy birthday Pothole!” To drive the point home, the sign also says: “I’ve been here over a year My little brother potholes too!”  “311 calls about us started on February 2015!”


Prosser told  WJTV that although the sign was intended as a joke, he was really frustrated with the city’s lack of action. ” I do find the problems in the city of Jackson serious, but at the same time, it’s just one small pothole,” he said. “When they fix the potholes a block away, it wouldn’t have taken another ten minutes to fix this one”

After several news outlets reported about the pothole party. The city finally filled the pothole in. Hopefully, the next step will be paving the road, but that might not happen till the pothole’s second birthday!

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