A Minnesota police department threatened to force any drunk drivers to watch Justin Bieber’s T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial during their ride to jail. 


The Wyoming Police Department shared a tweet warning that anyone caught driving drunk following the big game would be treated to the T-Mobile commercial, featuring the Canadian pop star as a “celebration expert.” The police wrote: “If you drive drunk tonight we will subject you to watch Justin Bieber’s T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial the entire way to jail.”


The police department released a series of snarky Super Bowl-related tweets in the days following the game including one poking fun at the Tostito’s breathalyzer bag: “We didn’t have any Tostitos legal defense instances.”

Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press that his humorous nature helps keep people interested in the public service announcements. “It gets people to actually stop and read the message,” he says.

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