Have you seen this beer bottle?


Police are in search of a man accused of stealing two pizzas from a Papa John’s on early New Year’s Day 2017. The man was spotted entering the kitchen of the pizza shop in South Wales UK, and then proceeded to run out of the establishment with his two hot, cheesy, disks of deliciousness.


But, here’s the thing—  this wasn’t just any petty crime. It was a petty crime committed by a man dressed up in a Heineken beer bottle costume. “We all know a few beers often leads to a takeaway, but this brazen beverage seems to have forgotten to pay for his,” said a spokesman for South Wales Police, as per ITV.

“This reveler was caught on CCTV at Papa John’s on Holton Road, Barry, before he allegedly entered a staff-only area and helped himself to two pizzas and left without paying.” Hopefully, this silly criminal will be put to justice soon. I totally agree with the South Wales Police spokesman— drinking enough beers totally makes me want to munch on some take-out food too!

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