Texas police believed they had found a real-life Walter White when they accused Ross Lebeau of possessing a large amount of methamphetamine. What they actually found was a sock full of kitty litter.


LeBeau got nicked, and the cops of Harris County Sheriff’s Office sent out a press release, including a mugshot, bragging of what they thought was the bust of the year, and claiming the arrest “may have kept our children and loved ones free from being introduced to drugs.” However,  LeBeau had actually kept a sock full of kitty litter in his car to keep the windows from fogging up. Lebeau was held in custody for three days before the sheriffs realized their mistakes. “I want an apology,” LeBeau said.  “I was wrongly accused, and I’m going to do everything in my power, with my family’s backing, to clear my name.”


According to ABC, initial tests of the kitty litter had indicated it was in fact meth. However,  additional testing concluded that this was inaccurate. The Harris County  Sheriff’s Office has said: “All indication shows that the deputies followed basic procedures and followed established protocol related to this incident.”

He continues, “This contraband was submitted to the Institute of Forensic Science [where] it was determined not to be methamphetamine and charges were dismissed.”

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