It’s not every day you walk into your local 7-11 and see a goat in the aisle eating candy off the shelf, but that was the case for Katelyn Lund, a local Oregon woman!


A video and picture were uploaded on Facebook depicting a goat trying to get inside the 7/11 to warm up has been shared over 44,000 times! Lund writes in an e-mail to Oregon Live: “The goat was standing outside when I arrived at the 7-11 and was pretty adamant about going inside and pushed right past me.”


Lund states that the goat wasn’t stealing only sour skittles, but that she seemed open to all types of candy. 

She adds: “I didn’t know how to handle the goat, so I just let her. Everyone was pretty nonchalant about her being in there, and nobody said anything. At this point, I’m thinking, ‘Dude, does no one realize there’s a real life goat in here? Where is your mom?!’ Lund later enjoyed a laugh with the goat’s owner whom she encountered in the store’s checkout line a couple days later. 

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