A police officer in Ontario, Canada, has some seriously arresting dance moves.


Officer Jarrod Singh showed off his slick dance moves after being called to what he thought was a fight in downtown Oshawa. Instead, it turned out to be a group of university students shooting a music video. ” I saw eight people gathered around one person, so I can see how a member of the public thought it was a fight,” Singh said in a statement.


With cameras still rolling, Singh freestyle battled one of the dancers. “I was like, OK this guy can move,” Tarfi told ABC news. “He finished and was going to leave and I said, ‘No man, its’s not that easy,’ and asked him to do another dance with me.”

Vivid Media Co., a Toronto-based design company, was recording the students for an upcoming dance competition when Singh danced his way into the shot. The company shared the footage on Facebook and the post has since garnered more the one million views.

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