In a bizarre incident in the UK, a chicken was taken into police custody after it was spotted crossing the road in the middle of rush hour traffic.


Officers arrived at the scene after drivers reported an endangered hen. The chicken was giving passing motorists a cause for concern, The officers managed to capture the lone bird and take it back to the station. On Facebook the police mentioned, “The SSPCA has been contacted  and they said they would be taking care of the bird until owners were located.


Police are looking for any information as to why the chicken was crossing the road,” Tayside Police Division  posted on Facebook in hopes of finding this chicken’s home.

The Facebook post was shared many times. ” I think it was being egged on by someone ” said Bill Barclay. Ann Sellar’s predictably said ” to get to the other side”, while Enn Cee Nadz opined that “she was afraid someone would Caesar” 

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