It’s not every day that you witness a couple of drunk Canadians being towed on a couch by an ATV to grab McDonald’s but that wasn’t the case for New Brunswick police officers.


Police in New Brunswick said two men were arrested after taking an intoxicated ride through a McDonald’s drive-through while riding on a couch towed by an ATV. The Miramichi Police Department said an officer traveling on the KG Highway Thursday night at about 3:19 a.m. spotted a couch being towed behind an ATV through a McDonald’s drive-through. Two men were riding the piece of furniture.


The ATV driver fled on the vehicle, leaving the couch and its occupants behind, and was last seen venturing out onto the frozen Miramichi River. The couch-riders, ages 28 and 39, were arrested. Police said the men were intoxicated. The ATV was located later in the day and seized by police, but the driver was not located.

Security camera footage that shows the ATV towing the couch and the passengers, who were wearing helmets, through Miramichi street was posted to Twitter by Paddy Quinn. The footage is time stamped for 3 a.m., moments before the police officer spotted the scene at the drive-through.

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