Annika Aguinaldo is not a fan of flowers. Some people may find it a little odd, but her boyfriend, Rico, didn’t bat an eye when she shared her little quirk. Instead, he came up with a romantic way to express how much he cares by using something she does like– McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets! Rico didn’t just get her a box of the chicken nuggets, though. No, he went above and beyond and crafted her a whole bouquet.


Annika told the Huffington Post that McNuggets have been a part of the couple’s love story for a long time. “The first time we hung out was at a McDonald’s near our university, and that kind of sparked the trend of nuggets in our lives,” she said. “I’d surprise him with nuggets before class when I knew he hadn’t had lunch, so I guess the whole chicken nugget bouquet was his version of repaying me.”


Since being posted on Twitter, the couple’s seriously adorable pictures have been shared approximately 39,000 times, because honestly, what woman wouldn’t be ecstatic about receiving a giant bouquet of nuggets? 

“In case you were wondering… Yes, he included BBQ sauce. It was just wedged down inside the bouquet,”  Annika told Huffington post. He’s a keeper!


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